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snaps from central: sent from alphonse elric → all contacts; sent from greedling → alphonse elric

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Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

i think my ears are bleeding

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that me


This comic was going to have words but it’s better without

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forever reblog

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pixelghosts (i really wanted to do a) giveaway (。´∀`)ノ

what you’ll get:

  • Cute pens and pencils
  • A Dave Strider t-shirt print and one more t-shirt print for any beta/alpha kid of your choosing (works on dark and light fabric)
  • One typography thingy for any fandom you’d like! Above are just examples of what I’ve done before
  • My friend has also volunteered to draw fanart of anything you’d like (full body or bust)


  • Must be following me (I will check!)
  • You can reblog as much as you want
  • You can likes but they won’t be counted as an entry
  • For an extra entry, you can follow these two instagram’s [x/x] Just let me know who you are!
  • Don’t remove the text.
  • Will be shipping worldwide.
  • Ask box must be open. 
  • The giveaway will end on the June 6, 2014

reblogging 50% because i want some cute stuff and 50% because i re ally like how th e pictu res look? ??

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@ pixiv

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japan in a box

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who in the world can dampen my heart’s blood? nobody.

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checks grades

*bastille voice* how am i gonna be an optimist about this

well if you close your eyes



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